Cerámicas CELEC

Cerámicas Piezoeléctricas CELEC / Web Design

We presented the main proposal of the website after a preliminary survey and research of the project. Once approved, the new “master” version of the site to develop the rest of the content, Luis Cesario, a prestigious advertising manager, was responsible for the creation and direction of the 3D animated short that was produced for a brief 3D intro, a parody of “The Creation” by Michelangelo.

The site was structured with a simple and intuitive navigation and the palette was drastically re-drawn to new shades of blue, black and silver, a look & feel that refers much more to science and research, the fundamental pillars of our client.


Cerámicas Piezoeléctricas CELEC

Art Direction

Luis Cesario

Graphic Design

Eduardo Cesario

Diseño Web

Criatura Creativa Studio