Señalética Laboratorios Rapela

Laboratorio Biomédico Dr. Rapela / Graphic Design Systems

The approach to the signage system for the different laboratories consisted of:

Distinguish the areas susceptible to be identified:

  1. Areas of exclusive access to staff
  2. Public access areas.

Once determined, the system was designed following the guidelines set forth in the corporate identity.


Departments personification

The signage system has been customized for each laboratory department, without losing unit with global corporate image.
We used the color differentiation and pictograms for the rapid identification and access to different areas of the building.

Design the pictograms system

This system poses a formal purity and clean design, according to the aesthetics that we previously proposed to develop the rest of the laboratory’s identify system. Thus, its opening was performed by color, allocated according to each department:

  • Food Science
  • Clinical
  • Toxicology
  • Third Party Services
  • Image Diagnostic