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Eduardo Cesario



Eduardo graduated as Graphic Designer from FADU, UBA and a Professional Photographer from Motivarte Photography School.

Eduardo has worked mainly as a designer since 1998, as a freelancer on numerous projects, both in graphic design, and websites.

He integrated multidisciplinary teams for several companies in Argentina, and in 2004 joined Calinet (United Kingdom). Parallel to this he began teaching at the Design I, Wolcowicz Chair, of the Graphic Design Career (FADU, UBA).

In 2005 he began working on standards-based websites and designs “Orgánica Creativa”, elected as official design for CSS Zen Garden. Thanks to Organica, his work got a lot of exposure and has been included in numerous books on web design and usability, an area in which he specializes.

In the middle of that year, he decides to step aside and start his own independent project, Criatura Creativa Studio, which pursues to reconcile reason with sensibility, through fresh and powerful designs with his own style, highlighted by his particular use of color as a tool to communicate.

His current activities include design and direction at Criatura Creativa Studio, photographer for various clients, and teacher at Motivarte School of Photography (Digital Art, Design and Perception of the Image, Advertising Design II) and at FADU, dictating Photography, for the Higgins cathedra (FADU, UBA).